Scooper Trooper Rates

Our rates are based on:

1. Number & size of the dogs being serviced
2. Size, condition, and difficulty of the yard to be serviced

We reserve the right to refuse service or adjust pricing based on size and condition of yards.

Weekly service:

Number of dogs:
Rate per week:
1 Dog
2 Dogs
3 Dogs
4 Dogs
5+ Dogs

One time clean-up:

Number of dogs:
Rate per hour:

[*Minimum fee: $31.50/30min.]

Set up fee:

All new weekly accounts will incur an initial set-up/clean-up fee of $25.00, which covers up to 45 minutes of the overtime on the initial cleaning. Any extra time beyond 45 minutes will be charged at a rate of $48.00/hour.

If you cleaned your yard within the last seven days before we begin service, and our initial cleaning therefore is rather short, we credit your account 50% of the set-up fee.

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